Our dog had taken to ‘attacking’ other dog’s on and off the lead – it was all show, bark but no bite, but we couldn’t fatham what had changed for our usually so placid cockapoo. We ended up keeping her on the lead and would panic anytime we’d meet another dog – pretty much miserable experience to go for a walk. After a single 121 session and a couple of socialisation walk I can’t believe the difference – just some guidance, understanding of the behaviour (she’s was actually anxious and getting scared and reacting) in just over a week we are already back to off lead walks and have met and had no reaction to at least 3 ‘target’s! I think there is still some way to go for us and our pooch but the socialisation walks are a great and reasonable way of achieving our goals – thanks Gavin!


 Nicki Greene,

Gavin is very knowledgeable in what he does. Very calm and attentive our dog by the end of the session was so much better at re call. We are all looking forward to our next session. Thanks

 –Kirsty Smith,

Very friendly calming person did a great job on our first walk with Zak. Handled him very well great progress and had good control and reassurance at all times. Highly recommend him thanks alot Gav.

 –Michelle Woods,

Fantastic service provided by gavin, he is fantastic with biscuit my children and myself. Looking forward to our next session and some more positive training. Highly recommend


Stacey Gilbert,

Spent the morning with Gav…total Dog whisperer! Looking forward to walking Willow rather than it being a chore.
Cheers Gav.

 –Gerard Anslow,

Had our first lesson today with Gavin to iron out some issues with our girl . I couldnt believe how , after just a first lesson , Lottie was walking with more confidence , off lead and staying near . Also her trust ( which is hard earned ) was put in Gavin by the end of the lesson when she not only accepted treats but let him fuss her head which is a sticking point for her . I am looking forward to putting all the learning into motion and making Lottie and myself much more confident , we will definitely be back and i would highly recommend gb dog training to anyone who has any issues . Thanks Gavin aka ‘ the dog whisperer ‘

 –Kelly Griffin,

First class dog trainer, patient with the owners and kind to the dog. Boris only behaves when Gavin is about so maybe owners need to be told again what to do. I would recommend GBdogtraining to everybody who has an issue with their dog’s behaviour. Sorted my daughter’s dog Herbie in no time and sorted Natalie as well.

Marie-Jose MJ Sankey,

Absolutely fantastic...Can’t believe how Gavin managed to get Herbie to be so calm around another dog within minutes!! He’s been very anxious around other dogs for the past 5 years ever since he was attacked by another dog so for him to be walking alongside and touching noses with a completely strange dog within an hour was just incredible…Gavin also taught me that I need to change my behaviour with Herbie when he is around new dogs which I’ll be practising and keep him updated! Cannot recommend Gavin enough – so patient, kind and calm and just brilliant with the dogs! Thank you!

 –Herbie Sankey,

Absolutely amazing. After only half an hour Gavin had worked wonders with Casper. I’d been hoping that Gavin would come along and flick a switch on Caspers tummy to calm him down and stop biting – he did! Already he seems a different dog and this morning I’d thought I’d come down to the wrong kitchen, all was calm. Happy calm puppy equals a very happy mummy. Thank you. Looking forward to our next appointment.

 –Clair Hinton,

Very happy with coopers first day and how well he did cant wait for the next steps and try everything that got shown! Defo will recommend him to anyone who has a puppy/dog.

Lee Steventon,

Really pleased with how much we achieved in the one to one session. Amazed that in under an hr you had my dog Cookie happily playing off the lead with your 4 dogs. Will definitely be putting into practice everything you taught us today and will be returning for the socialisation walk. Can’t recommend your services enough. Thank you.

 –Sara Meredith,

Fantastic! Brody improved so much within the hour and is a more relaxed dog at home – much to the delight of our 15 year old cat! Can’t wait for the socialisation walk on the 18th. Thank you!

 –Emma Dodd,

Had our first session today and it was great, within the hour zia was already calmed down on the lead and was alot easier for me to walk… Looking forward to teaching her more.. Would definitely recommend.. Thanks

 –Carly Morgan,

We went with Max today for our 1st session filled with dred of our disobedient dog. We were put at total ease and watched with open mouths as Max did as he was told. Within one hour he was walking to heel. Gavin made us feel very comfortable and helped greatly. Being told that we dont need to come back every week( as others im sure would use) reassured us that this is a reputable business. We have our homework to continue which we will do. This man really is the dog whisperer!!!
Totally recommended

 –Claire Field,

After just 10minutes with Patrick he was walking off of the lead and around other dogs, happy dog, very happy owner.

 –Boo Burgoyne,

Gavin was brilliant with Claude (and me!) reassuring us that Claude is not aggressive just nervous and unsure how to socialise with new dogs. Claude happily ran around with Gavin’s dogs and even bumped into a few others off his lead. Both Claude and Gavin were great, very happy and much more relaxed about having him around other dogs. Thanks very much, we’ll be back for a socialisation walk soon

 –Claire McCarthy-Burgoyne,

Absolute genius !!
Really made us rethink our approach with our sharpei .. Brilliant result from just one session
We most definitely will be return for more words of wisdom from a patient and honest trainer like you.

Would recommend without a doubt.
Never thought we would see such as difference so quick

 –Emma Kerr,

very happy with spencers first training session . went better than i excpected . hopfuly have a well trained spencer over next few months . thanks a lot gavin

 –Susan Downward,

I found Gavin to be a down to earth guy, very professional and made us feel very welcome..
Thank you so much

 –Dan Jones,

Trigger’s 1st session today. Within 10 mins he was walking to heel…gobsmacked. Took him out when we got home and he walked really well. Thanx Gavin, really proud of my boy. Next session in 2 weeks.

 –Helen Bufton,

Simply Fantastic. In just 1 hr I have a different dog. When we got home she didnt even try to jump out the car and walked by my side right up to the door. A lot of work to be done but I am very confident now that we will get there with her. Thank you so much.

 –Julie Rowlings,

Learn’t more about my dog (and myself) in 45mins than i have in the last 5 months of ownership. Gavin certainly knows what he is doing and with abit more practice and help from gbdogtraining my dog will finally see who is boss.

 –Andy SmithManager