GB Dog Training Telford



GB Dog Training is owned and run by Gavin Beechey. He has have been training dogs for over 30 years, from his first rescue Welsh Springer, Alex,( when he was 16yrs old) to the team of working Labradors and Springers he has now. Oh yes! and a Plummer terrier too called Brock.

Gavin is passionate about helping you gain the very best from your relationship with your dog.

We give you help and advice with all aspects of training your dog, from walking on a loose lead to coming back when called. We deal with behavioural problems including antisocial behaviour, barking, inappropriate chase behaviour and aggression.

We will give you support and advice with all of these areas working together to over come them. You will have the opportunity to experience training in ‘real life’ scenarios such as working alongside roads if cars are a problem. Support staff will bring out my dogs to aid work overcoming aggression and anti social behaviour, socialising your pets in a controlled manner.

With a pocket of dog treats for those positive moments, consistency and determination, there is no problem that we cannot help with. There are no gimmicks used just a love of working with dogs. Guiding owners to become positive dog handlers, to lead and set boundaries for both of you to abide too. Always remembering that sometimes it is the owner/handler that needs to change, so that the dog has a role model to follow. This will ensure that a positive and loving bond is built with dog and handler.

‘Many dogs grow up without rules or boundaries. They need exercise, disipline and effection in that order. I have never met a dog I couldn’t help; however, I have met owners who weren’t willing to change.’ Cesar Millan: Dog Whisperer .

We believe these are true statements and we work together to make this change.


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