In line with Government guidelines We are pleased to still be able to offer training during the Covid19 as our service is outdoors!

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Our dog had taken to 'attacking' other dog's on and off the lead - it was all show, bark but no bite, but we couldn't fatham what had changed for our usually so placid cockapoo. We ended up keeping her on the lead and would panic anytime we'd meet another dog - pretty much miserable experience to go for a walk. After a single 121 session and a couple of socialisation walk I can't believe the difference - just some guidance, understanding of the behaviour (she's was actually anxious and getting scared and reacting) in just over a week we are already back to off lead walks and have met and had no reaction to at least 3 'target's! I think there is still some way to go for us and our pooch but the socialisation walks are a great and reasonable way of achieving our goals - thanks Gavin!

Nicki Greene,

Gavin is very knowledgeable in what he does. Very calm and attentive our dog by the end of the session was so much better at re call. We are all looking forward to our next session. Thanks

Kirsty Smith,

Very friendly calming person did a great job on our first walk with Zak. Handled him very well great progress and had good control and reassurance at all times. Highly recommend him thanks alot Gav.

Michelle Woods,

Fantastic service provided by gavin, he is fantastic with biscuit my children and myself. Looking forward to our next session and some more positive training. Highly recommend

Stacey Gilbert,