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I found Gavin to be a down to earth guy, very professional and made us feel very welcome..
Thank you so much
Dan & Shell

Dan Jones, Aug 7th 2015,

"Trigger’s 1st session today. Within 10 mins he was walking to heel…gobsmacked. Took him out when we got home and he walked really well. Thanx Gavin, really proud of my boy. Next session in 2 weeks."

Helen Bufton,

"Simply Fantastic. In just 1 hr I have a different dog. When we got home she didnt even try to jump out the car and walked by my side right up to the door. A lot of work to be done but I am very confident now that we will get there with her. Thank you so much."

Julie Rowlings,

"Learn’t more about my dog (and myself) in 45mins than i have in the last 5 months of ownership. Gavin certainly knows what he is doing and with abit more practice and help from gbdogtraining my dog will finally see who is boss."

Andy Smith, Manager